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Zwartbles sheep were first imported from Holland in the early 1990’s and have since become established in all areas of the UK and Ireland.

Zwartbles are an elegant sheep (Zwart-Black, Bles-Blaze) with outstanding maternal properties making them an excellent crossing variety as well as a  pure breed.

Pedigree Zwartbles have enjoyed considerable success in the show ring due to their striking appearance, amenable nature and lively character.

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Exceptional Maternal Ability – Rapid Lamb Growth

Prolific – Lean Quality Meat – Easy Keeping Nature


STOP PRESS : Zwartbles Interbreed success:

On behalf of all members of the ZSA – I would like to thank and congratulate John Thorburn and Caroline Anderson for representing our breed in the inaugural Interbreed Pairs class at the Great Yorkshire Show with Holmlea Wicked Lady and Wallridge Moor Ajax.

This class contained 33 representatives of the best pairs of their respective breeds and the Zwartbles pair achieved the fantastic result of “Reserve Champions” This shows that the correct type of sheep can more than hold their own with the best of the best.  Once again – ** A Super Result **  Bob Gibson (aka Webmaster)

Thanks also to judge Cyril Cromie who had the job of finding the best male and female from 185 exhibits –a record entry of Zwartbles sheep. Cyril commented that choosing the winner in each class was extremely difficult due to the high standard of sheep forward.

“The male and female champions were both very correct and excellent examples of the breed. Both handled very well, especially the female, and were the type of sheep I particularly like. I also thought they made a lovely pair and it was especially pleasing for me as the judge that they did so well in the interbreed class. The interbreed judge, a leading charollais breeder, commented on how well the sheep handled and this no doubt influenced his decision.

Judging such a large entry of sheep was a very daunting but pleasurable experience made so much easier by the help received from the stewards and the patience of the exhibitors especially when it started to rain! My wife and I were extremely well treated by the Great Yorkshire Show staff which made for a very memorable experience”.   C.Cromie.

 Interbreed pairs Reserve Champions Great Yorkshire Show 2014

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