Rams for Hire & Semen Directory

The ZSA is aware that many members in the association may only have a small number of Zwartbles and don’t have the space to keep a stock ram. Other members may want to introduce a new blood line into their flock.

Members are welcome to list here any ram semen or rams available to hire, they will be listed alphabetically by the owners flock name. Please email details (Using the table below as a guide) to webmaster@zwartbles.org  for approval and inclusion.

This service is free to members and any subsequent transactions are between the buyer and seller exclusively. The ZSA does not take any responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any information given.

Please contact the seller directly to discuss price and transfer of the semen.

Name of Ram Registration Details Contact Details
Aquila Action Man Z 00472-0026A Sammy Stewart 07801 297782
Aquila Duplicate 00472-113D Sammy Stewart 07801 297782
Barmurrie Dino 00849-1146D Ginnie Crossen 07971 168122
Carrah Glen Coe 00790-008G Carrie Bissett 07948 412488
Castle Hill Guardian 00717-261G Martin Preston 07813 600637
Conic Endrick 00804-434E Carrie Bissett 07948 412488
Craigies Flipin Eck 01400-075F Stuart Craig 07739 564885
East Middle Rip Van Winkle 00133-209R Stuart Craig 07739 564885
Greenhill Blakeney 00131-264B Martin Preston 07813 600637
Greenhill Dandy 00131-00436D Martin Preston 07813 600637
Hayberries Dynamite 00843-2788D Peter Addison 07791 194972
Hayberries Full Tilt 00843–3855F Martin Preston 07813 600637
Holmlea Border Talent 00131–232B Martin Preston 07813 600637
Hope View Jailbreak 01531-094J Kathryn Hopkins 07984 929755
Kilimanjaro 00052-49K Martin Preston 07813 600637
Killymallaght Dexter 00260-001D Ginnie Crossen 07971 168122
Killymallaght Enrique 00260-299E Martin Preston 07813 600637
Roscallie Fortune 01161-057F Ginnie Crossen 07971 168122
Roscallie Heedful 01161-100H Ginnie Crossen 07971 168122
Stainmore Bertie 00864-380B Fiona Brown 07585 771322
Stewarton Fantastic 00148-204F Peter Addison 07791 194972
The Fort Del Boy 00223–24R Martin Preston 07813 600637
Top Notch Giant 00282-2266G Ginnie Crossen 07971 168122
Wallacetown Cairn 00430-147C Colin Rae 07775 780036
Wallacetown Dutch Dav 00430-187D Colin Rae 07775 780036
Wallacetown Eclipse 00430-224E Colin Rae 07775 780036
Wallacetown Ego 00430-221E Fiona Brown 07585 771322
Wallacetown Foden 00430-295F Colin Rae 07775 780036
Wallridge Moor Gizmo 00466-181G Caroline Anderson 07913 349896
Whitestone Gabriel 01274-526G Stuart Craig 07739 564885
Whitestone Giovanni 01274-517G Eleanor Thornton 07824 703542
Updated: July 31, 2023 — 1:28 pm