Worcester Sale Show Results


Worcester Sale Show Results – August 30, 2014


Judge Mr R Heigh

Shearling Rams  Ram Lambs 1st Dec – 14th Feb Aged Ewes
1st Lot 4 A J Thorburn 1st Lot 48 O Hughes Owen 1st  Lot 63 BH & DC Roberts
2nd  Lot 8 M A Dequincey 2nd Lot 56 E & M McConkey 2nd  Lot 69 C Johnson
3rd  Lot 17 B Mills 3rd Lot 31 A J Thorburn 3rd
4th  Lot 5 W J Williams 4th Lot 19 S Inns 4th
5th Lot 14 BH & DC Roberts 5th Lot 51 H Hughes 5th
6th Lot 11 PR & CA Caunter 6th Lot 49 O Hughes Owen 6th


Shearling Ewes Ewe Lambs Group
1st Lot 103 GA & HM Francis 1st Lot 138 R & V Grinnall 1st
2nd Lot 87 G Doyle 2nd Lot 189 B Mills 2nd
3rd Lot 193 E Williams 3rd Lot 140 R & V Grinnall 3rd
4th Lot 82 A J Thorburn 4th Lot 181 G Shrubsall 4th
5th Lot 192 E Williams 5th  Lot 114 S Inns 5th
6th Lot 81 A J Thorburn 6th  Lot 127 W J Williams 6th


Aged Ram  Ram lambs Born after 15th Feb Ewe lambs born after 15th Feb
1st Lot 3 J Dansie 1st  Lot 23 W J Williams 1st Lot 202 J Moore & A Coleman
2nd 2nd  Lot 46 J Moore & A Coleman 2nd Lot 157 A Lloyd
3rd 3rd  Lot 54 E & M McConkey 3rd Lot 141 J Holman & D Mugridge
4th 4th  Lot 44 P Godwin 4th Lot 201 J Moore & A Coleman
5th 5th  Lot 28 D W Hutchinson 5th Lot 167 O Hughes Owen
6th 6th  Lot 34 E Williams 6th Lot 133 D V Davies


Champion Male  Lot 48 O Hughes Owen
Reserve Male  Lot 4 A J Thorburn
Champion Female  Lot 138 R & V Grinnall
Reserve Female  Lot 103 G A & H M Francis
Breed Champion  Lot 138 R & V Grinnall
Reserve Champion  Lot 48 O Hughes Owen


Beech hay Worcester

Overall Breed Champion and Female Champion – Beech Hay Black Diamond from Mr & Mrs R & V Grinnall

Cain Owen Worcetser

Reserve Breed Champion and Male Champion – Cynefin Bobi from Mrs O Hughes-Owen


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