Carlisle In Lamb Sale Results


Carlisle In Lamb Sale Results – November 21, 2014


Judge Mr Colin Rae Collin Dumfries


Shearling Ewes Ewe Lambs born before Feb 14th Ewe Lambs born after Feb 14th
1st  J Thorburn 133 1st  C Cromie 140 1st  J I Bell 154
2nd  T Birkbeck 104 2nd  K & S Cowin 148 2nd O Huges Owen 178
3rd  M Simpson 116 3rd  M Simpson 162 3rd  J Thorburn 186
4th  J Thorburn 131 4th  T & G Blamire 150 4th G A & M Francis 165
5th  M Simpson 115 5th  C Scott 192 5th O Huges Owen 174
6th RJ & F Stewart 114 6th  K & S Cowin 149 6th  J Millar 190


Aged Ewe
1st J Thorburn 102 1st 1st
2nd G Thornborrow 101 2nd 2nd
3rd 3rd 3rd
4th 4th 4th
5th 5th 5th
6th 6th 6th


Breed Champion  J Thorburn 133
Reserve Champion  J I Bell 154


Champion from J Thorburn lot 133  Marton selling to 2000gns


Reserve Champion from J I Bell lot 154 Millburn Blaze sold to 1400 gns

Report submitted by Ailsa Dickinson

Updated: November 22, 2014 — 11:40 am