Great Yorkshire Show ZSA Classes Results


Great Yorkshire Show ZSA Classes Results – July 15, 2015


Judge Mrs S Rae Dumfries

Young Handler 11 and under Young Handler 12 to 18 yrs Pair of Ewe Lambs
1st Charlotte Elliot 1st Tom Blamire 1st  T & G Blamire
2nd Daniel Grinnall 2nd  Jack Addison 2nd  J Thorburn
3rd  Alice Horwood 3rd Jessica Odgers 3rd  P Parker
4th 4th  Sophie Preston 4th  C Scott
5th 5th 5th  S Gilbert
6th 6th 6th A & C Houseman


Pair of lambs one male & one female Pair shearling or above male/female or mixed Novice class
1st  J Thorburn 1st  S Inns 1st A & C Houseman
2nd  C Anderson 2nd  P Parker 2nd  S Horwood
3rd  R Heigh 3rd  J Thorburn 3rd  D Hutchinson
4th Odgers & Braithwaite 4th  M Preston 4th  S Horwood
5th  T & G Blamire 5th  C Anderson 5th  E Curran
6th A & C Houseman 6th  Odgers and Braithwaite 6th  D Hutchinson


045            042

Report submitted by Ailsa Dickinson

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