Anglesey Show Results


Anglesey Show Results – August 11, 2015


Judge Mrs Lorna Murray

Aged Rams & Shearling Rams Ram Lambs Aged Ewes
1st A Lloyd 1st R Parry 1st A Lloyd
2nd 2nd  H Hughes 2nd A Lloyd
3rd 3rd  A Lloyd 3rd  R Parry
4th 4th 4th G Williams


Shearling Ewes Ewe Lambs Group
1st  Mrs G Williams 1st R Parry 1st H Hughes
2nd A Lloyd 2nd H Hughes 2nd  A Lloyd
3rd A Lloyd 3rd  H Hughes 3rd
4th Mrs G Williams 4th A Lloyd 4th
5th  Mrs G Williams 5th 5th



Champion Male  R Parry
Reserve Male  A Lloyd
Champion Female  A Lloyd
Reserve Female  G Williams
Breed Champion  A Lloyd





A Lloyd & Mrs LMurray with the Champion Ewe

Report submitted by Susan Rowlands

Updated: August 14, 2015 — 9:28 pm