Bowes Show Results


Bowes Show Results - September 12, 2015


Judge Mr Thomas Birkbeck

Aged Rams & Shearling Rams (4) Ram Lambs(9) Aged Ewes (7)
1st F.L Brown 1st S. Gilbert 1st AJ Thorburn
2nd AJ Thorburn 2nd O.Breeze & F.L Brown 2nd S. Gilbert
3rd O .Breeze 3rd S. Gilbert 3rd F.L Brown
4th 4th A. Dickinson 4th



Shearling Ewes (15) Ewe Lambs (16) Group(7)
1st S. Gilbert 1st AJ Thorburn 1st AJ Thorburn
2nd AJ Thorburn 2nd F.L Brown 2nd S. Gilbert
3rd S. Gilbert 3rd A. Dickinson 3rd F.L Brown
4th A. Dickinson 4th C. Slee 4th
5th F.L Brown 5th 5th



Pair of Gimmer Lambs (8) Male and Female any age (6)
1st A. Dickinson 1st S. Gilbert 1st
2nd F.L Brown 2nd AJ Thorburn 2nd
3rd AJ Thorburn 3rd F.L Brown 3rd
4th O .Breeze 4th 4th


Breed Champion  S. Gilbert
Reserve Champion  AJ Thorburn


Report submitted by Susan Gilbert

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