Worcester Market – 7th November 2015 – Midlands Zwartbles Group Sale Report


Our first Midlands Zwartbles Group Show and Sale at McCartneys on Saturday 7th November.
Good entry of very nice sheep all healthy and vigorously inspected. The Show was judged by Ashton Selway with 3 classes of sheep.
Ram Lamb: 1st 43 – Bugle Gate Cassanova (sold for 290 Guineas) 2nd – Brace Calos (No sale) 3rd – Speccott Carlton (No sale)
Shearling Ewe 1st 11 – Bugle Gate Beany (No sale in the ring but sold privately) 2nd – Plushcourt Blackbird (sold for 230 guineas) 3rd – Speccott Bonnie (sold for 250 guineas) 4th – Speccott Bree (sold for 220 guineas)
Ewe Lamb 1st – 35 Beech Hay Carat (No sale) 2nd – Brace Cheery (sold for 200 guineas)
Overall Champion – 35 Beech Hay Carat
Reserve Champion – 43 Bugle Gate Cassanova
Thank you to the entrants and many thanks to Ashton Selway for judging.
Congratulations to Rob & Vicky Grinnall for Champion – Beech Hay Carat.
9 absentees.
9 Shearling ewes sold ave £200,
15 Ewe lambs sold average £144,
Ram lamb 1 sold average £290…
non MV flock ewes average £85, non MV senior ram at £80.
9 sheep failed to make reserve.
Great atmosphere and everyone enjoyed it – lots of emails since and want to do it again. Suspect we will but earlier 2nd or 3rd weekend in October.
Worcester Midlands Sale

Report submitted by David Hutchinson

Updated: November 9, 2015 — 8:47 pm