Glendale Results


Glendale Results – August 28, 2017


Judge Mr T Blamire

Aged Rams & Shearling Rams (1) Ram Lambs (4) Aged Ewes (3)
1st  C Anderson 1st  S Craig 1st  S Craig
2nd 2nd  C Anderson 2nd  S Craig
3rd 3rd  A Dickinson 3rd  S Craig
4th 4th  S Craig 4th


Shearling Ewes(4) Ewe Lambs(7) Group
1st  S Craig 1st  C Anderson 1st
2nd  S Craig 2nd  S Craig 2nd
3rd  A Dickinson 3rd  C Anderson 3rd
4th  A Dickinson 4th  A Dickinson 4th
5th 5th  S Craig 5th



Breed Champion  S Craig Shearling Gimmer
Reserve Champion

 C Anderson Ewe Lamb


Champion from S Craig and Reserve from C Anderson with judge T Blamire

Report submitted by Ailsa Dickinson

Updated: August 29, 2017 — 6:41 pm