Tullamore (Southern Ireland Branch) Sale Results


Tullamore (Southern Ireland Branch) Sale Results – August 19, 2017


Judge Mr Ally Baird, Greystone Flock

Aged Rams  Shearling Rams Ram Lambs
1st Mr J Croke (1) 1st Mr N Lally (6) 1st Mr J Smyth (11)
2nd 2nd Mr J Powell (4) 2nd F & O Lyons (17)
3rd 3rd Mr J Powell (5) 3rd Miss C Millar (8)
4th 4th 4th Peter Howard (7)
5th 5th 5th  Miss C Millar (9)
6th 6th 6th  Jonathan Workman (18)


Shearling Ewes Ewe Lambs Group
1st  Mr J Croke (26) 1st  Mr J Croke (51) 1st
2nd Mr N Stephenson (19) 2nd  Mr D Lyons (40a) 2nd
3rd Mr T O’Sullivan (20) 3rd  Jonathan Workman (62) 3rd
4th Mr T O’Sullivan (22) 4th  Mr J Smyth (37) 4th
5th 5th Mr J Smyth (36) 5th
6th 6th Mr N Stephenson (45) 6th



Champion Male Mr N Lally (6)
Reserve Male  Mr J Powell (4)
Champion Female Mr J Croke (26)
Reserve Female Mr J Croke (51)
Breed Champion Mr J Croke (26)
Reserve Champion Mr N Lally (6)

Judge Ally Baird with the Female and Overall Champion Tullamain Dee-66

Judge Ally Baird with the Male and Overall Reserve Champion Black Magic Dixie – 6

Report submitted by Anne Robinson

Updated: August 30, 2017 — 7:53 pm