News from Ireland

Hello Zwartbles breeders who are members in Ireland of the ZSA and have a few beautiful photographs of your lambs or Zwartbles sheep out in the fields or cozy in sheds please email them to our new email address. Please include your ZSA number and flock prefix, also what county you’re based in. This way we can build a lovely picture gallery of our beautiful Zwartbles flocks from across the island of Eire here on our face book page.

I hope you will join in our face book conversation about Zwartbles sheep from where ever you are in the world.

Topics of conversation will be about:

Zwartbles Sheep – Husbandry, Lambing etc
Zwartbles Cross Breeds in commercial flocks
Zwartbles Wool – what to do with it and care
Zwartbles Meat – wonderful recipes that you can share
Zwartbles Milk – Did you know there are sheep dairies in Ireland?

As showing season commences we will share results of our members.
Above all we would like to share our love of this wonderful docile beautiful breed of sheep.


Updated: March 27, 2018 — 6:16 pm