Royal Cheshire County Show Results


Royal Cheshire County Show Results – June 19, 2018


Judge Mr R Heigh

Shearling Rams (5) Ram Lambs (6) Aged Ewes (4)
1st K Barwell 1st O Crossen 1st O Crossen
2nd  H Williams 2nd O Crossen 2nd E Burton
3rd T Jones 3rd E Burton 3rd E Curran
4th T Jasper 4th E Curran 4th P Yeomans
5th P Yeomans 5th P Yeomans 5th
6th 6th  Pickford 6th


Shearling Ewes (9) Ewe Lambs (8)
1st H Williams 1st O Crossen
2nd T Jasper 2nd E Burton
3rd E Burton 3rd O Crossen
4th K Barwell 4th E Burton
5th T  Jones 5th K Barwell
6th 6th E Curran


Breed Champion O Crossen – Ewe Lamb – Roscallie Frankie
Reserve Champion E Burton – Ewe lamb – Checkley Fairfax


Zwartbles breed classes for the inaugural year at Royal Cheshire County saw a really good display of exhibitors from Lancashire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and Gwynedd.
There were no aged rams entered.
Shearling Ram class with 5 entries was taken by Katy Barwell with Greenhill Enigma.
The Ram lamb class with 6 entries was taken by one of Oscar Crossen’s ( represented by Ginnie & Danny).
4 entries in the Aged Ewe class taken by the delightful Pen Llyn Champagne again for Oscar Crossen.
Shearling Ewes were the best supported section with 9 forward, this was won by Helen Williams with Henblas Emily.
The ewe lamb class with 8 entries was another win for Oscar Crossen with the other of his entries taking 3rd place behind Eliza Burton in 2nd.
The Championship gave judge Raymond Heigh plenty of choice with the quality of the female shearlings and lambs proving tough to differentiate and it was eventually the Roscallie ewe lamb who took champion from Eliza Burton’s Checkley Fairfax.

Zwartbles breed Champion & Reserve

Report submitted by Elaine Curran

Updated: June 24, 2018 — 8:39 pm