Clonmel Show, Co. Tipperary Results


Clonmel Show, Co. Tipperary Results – July 1, 2018


Judge Mr Raymond Heigh

Early Ewe lamb Early Ram Lambs Shearling Ewe
1st Ray Sweeney 1st J&M Smyth 1st Tullamain Flock
2nd Tullamain Flock 2nd J&M Smyth 2nd J&M Smyth
3rd J&M Smyth 3rd C. Stephenson 3rd C. Stephenson
4th Jonathan Workman 4th Tullamain Flock 4th C. Stephenson
5th J&M Smyth 5th Linda Walsh 5th Ray Sweeney
6th C. Stephenson 6th Jonathon Workman 6th Jonathan Workman


Late  Ewe lamb Late Ram Lambs Shearling Ram
1st E. Haslam 1st E. Haslam 1st Linda Walsh
2nd Linda Walsh 2nd J&M Smyth 2nd Tullamain Flock
3rd J&M Smyth 3rd Tullamain Flock 3rd J&M Smyth
4th C. Stephenson 4th 4th C. Stephenson
5th Tullamain Flock 5th 5th J&M Smyth
6th 6th 6th


Aged  Ewes Aged Ram Pair Class 
1st Tullamain Flock 1st Tullamain Flock 1st J&M Smyth
2nd Ray Sweeney 2nd Jonathan Workman 2nd Linda Walsh
3rd C. Stephenson 3rd 3rd Tullamain Flock
4th J&M Smyth 4th 4th J&M Smyth
5th Jonathan Workman 5th 5th J&M Smyth
6th 6th 6th


Champion Male J&M Smyth
Reserve Male Tullamain Flock
Champion Female Tullamain Flock
Reserve Female Ray Sweeney
Breed Champion J&M Smyth
Reserve Champion Tullamain Flock

Ray Sweeney presenting Jimmy Smyth with the Sweeney Perpetual Cup, after winning the 2018 ZSA-SIB Supreme Championship. Jimmy won the Championship with his homebred ram lamb Allstar freestyle. Also pictured is Judge Mr Raymond Heigh.

Report submitted by Jim Croke

Updated: October 2, 2018 — 9:40 am