Newport Show Results

Newport Show Results – July 13, 2019

Judge Kevin Robinson

Shearling Rams and Over (6) Ram Lambs (3) Ewe, 2 years old or over to have raised a lamb in current year (8)
1st Kathryn Hopkins 1st Steph Bower 1st Jess Yardley
2nd C and H Johnson 2nd Oscar Crossen 2nd Kathryn Hopkins
3rd Anne Porter 3rd Eliza Burton 3rd Jess Yardley
4th Annmarie Bonsall 4th 4th Eliza Burton
5th Leonie Pryor 5th 5th Eliza Burton
6th Amelia Lea 6th 6th C and H Johnson
Shearling Ewes (15) Ewe Lambs (15) Group
1st Eliza Burton 1st Oscar Crossen 1st Kathryn Hopkins
2nd Steph Bower 2nd Oscar Crossen 2nd Eliza Burton
3rd Jess Yardley 3rd Steph Bower 3rd Oscar Crossen
4th Kathryn Hopkins 4th Eliza Burton 4th C and H Johnson
5th K and C Weaver 5th Steph Bower 5th Annemarie Bonsall
6th C and H Johnson 6th Kathryn Hopkins 6th Leonie Pryor
Breed Champion Eliza Burton
Reserve Champion Jess Yardley

Eliza Burton, Breed Champion, Judge Kevin Robinson and Jess Yardley – Reserve Breed Champion

Report submitted by Kathryn Hopkins

Updated: August 19, 2019 — 12:01 pm