Challenging times for pedigrees – Article by Judy Maxwell

Just a quick report of the recent Zwartbles Sale at Hilltown. Many thanks to our sponsors Thompsons Animal Feeds Ltd who generously present feed to the winners and their rep Mr Raymond Bready, the judge Mr Ray Sweeney from Co. Louth, to all vendors and buyers and to all those who helped make the event flow – you can all take bow!

All the best


Friday’s nights Pedigree Zwartbles Sheep Sale in Hilltown saw two outstanding sheep take the top prizes which were very generously sponsored by Thompson Animal Feeds Ltd.  Miss Katie McCracken’s home bred ewe lamb,  Drummer Wagtail stood top of her class of 14 ewe lambs and James Porter’s cracking ram lamb, Gillhall Willy  headed a strong ram lamb class. Head to head in the championship Drummer Wagtail

Co. Louth judge Ray Sweeney remarked that; “These are two very good sheep and it was difficult to separate them. All credit must go to the two breeders as these sheep were very well produced and beautifully turned out. Indeed I could see that many of the breeders had gone to considerable effort to present sheep to a very high standard”.

In a challenging market, buyers, agreeing with the judge, made this pair top of the sale, with James Porter’s ram making 440gns with Katie McCracken’s ewe finding a new owner at 310gns and the hammer falling on her other ewe lamb  at 240gns. J Davidson’s shearing ewe (right) made 280gns, with his other 2 shearling ewes also making 230gns and 220gns.

Updated: April 16, 2014 — 1:14 pm