Association Show – Great Yorkshire Show Results


Association Show – Great Yorkshire Show Results – July 9, 2014


Judge Miss Rebecca Lambert

Pair of Ewe Lambs by the Same Sire (5) Pair of Ewe Lambs (9) Pair of Lambs, one male and one female (13)
1st C Scott 1st R Heigh 1st N Henderson
2nd A J Thorburn 2nd C Scott 2nd A J Thorburn
3rd Odgers & Braithwaite 3rd  A Dickinson 3rd M Preston
4th M Preston 4th  A J Thorburn 4th C Scott
5th  C Calder 5th  Odgers & Braithwaite 5th G & T Blamire
6th 6th  M Preston 6th  M Preston



Pair of Ewes, Shearling and above (13) Best Fleeced Sheep (15) Novice Class, any sheep bred by Exhiitor
1st Master C Cormack 1st  P Parker 1st A & C Houseman
2nd A J Thorburn 2nd  N Henderson 2nd Odgers & Braithwaite
3rd C Scott 3rd Master C Cormack 3rd P Parker
4th G & T Blamire 4th Master C Cormack 4th  N Hodgson
5th A & C Houseman 5th S Inns 5th J & S Mordey
6th N Spedding 6th A & C Houseman 6th S Horwood



Junior Handler (11 years and under) (5) Senior Handler (aged between 12 & 18) (10) 
1st Cameron Cormack 1st Rachel Harrison 1st
2nd Charlotte Elliott 2nd Harry Preston 2nd
3rd Jack Sutherland 3rd Issy Hartley 3rd
4th Alice Horwood 4th Tom Blamire 4th
5th Lily Sutherland 5th Sam Inns 5th
6th 6th Sophie Preston 6th




Report submitted by Christina Cormack

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