Great Yorkshire Show Results


Great Yorkshire Show Results – July 8, 2014


Judge Mr C Cromie

 Shearling Rams (18) Ram Lambs born Dec to Feb(15) Aged Ewes (18)
1st C Anderson 1st M Preston 1st J Thorburn
2nd  N Henderson 2nd  Clay Farm Partnership 2nd  J Thorburn
3rd  Clay Farm Partnership 3rd C Anderson 3rd P Parker
4th  C & K Milburn 4th J Thorburn 4th C Scott
5th  S Inns 5th J Thorburn 5th  A & K Robinson
6th  A & K Robinson 6th  S Inns 6th T & G Blamire


Shearling Ewes (29) Ewe Lambs born Dec to Feb (20) Group (17)
1st  J Thorburn 1st  R Heigh 1st S Inns
2nd  C Scott 2nd  J Thorburn 2nd J Thorburn
3rd  J Thorburn 3rd  R Heigh 3rd N Henderson
4th N Henderson 4th  A Dickinson 4th  M Preston
5th  T & G Blamire 5th  R Heigh 5th C Anderson
6th  C Cormack 6th  N Henderson 6th B & M Watkinson


Aged Ram (5) Ram Lamb born Feb onwards (11) Ewe Lamb born Feb onwards (19) 
1st Clay Farm Partnership & K Barwell 1st N Henderson 1st P Godwin
2nd C Anderson 2nd P Parker 2nd S Inns
3rd  J Thorburn 3rd P Godwin 3rd  A Houseman
4th  A Houseman 4th  A Houseman 4th  A Thorburn
5th  B & M Watkinson 5th  A Thorburn 5th  Braithwaite & Odgers
6th 6th  A & K Robinson 6th  H Preston


Champion Male  C Anderson
Reserve Male  M Preston
Champion Female  J Thorburn
Reserve Female  R Heigh
Breed Champion  J Thorburn – aged ewe
Reserve Champion  R Heigh – ewe lamb
gys 2014
Female Breed Champion Holmlea Wicked Lady and Male Champion Wallridge Moor Ajax represented the Zwartbles breed in the inaugural Interbreed Pairs class taking Reserve Champions.

Interbreed pairs GYS 2014


Report submitted by Ailsa Dickinson

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