Devon County Show Results


Devon County Show Results - May 16, 2019


Judge Barry Mills

Aged RamsĀ  Shearling RamĀ  Ram Lamb
1st C and C Clark 1st P Browne 1st P Browne
2nd J Kimber 2nd C and C Clark 2nd C and C Clark
3rd 3rd M Northmore 3rd J Kimber
4th 4th Valais Blacknose sheep uk 4th P Browne


AgedEwe Shearling Ewe Ewe Lamb
1st P Browne 1st J Kimber 1st J Kimber
2nd J Kimber 2nd P Browne 2nd C and C Clark
3rd C and C Clark 3rd J Kimber 3rd P Browne
4th 4th 4th P Browne


Pair of Lambs
1st J Kimber
2nd P Browne
3rd C and C Clark


Champion Male C and C CLARK - aged ram
Reserve Male P Browne - ram lamb
Champion Female J Kimber - shearling
Reserve Female P Browne - aged ewe
Breed Champion J Kimber
Reserve Champion C and C CLARK

Report submitted by BARRY MILLS

Updated: May 20, 2019 — 10:33 pm
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