Shropshire County Show Results


Shropshire County Show Results – May 25, 2019


Judge Barry Mills

 Shearling Ram and upwards (6) Ram Lambs (4) Aged Ewes (2)
1st O Crossen 1st O Crossen 1st E Burton
2nd  Hopkins and Kisby 2nd DL&CV Jones 2nd DL&CV Jones
3rd L P Livestock 3rd E Burton 3rd
4th 4th S Bower 4th


Shearling Ewes (10) Ewe Lambs (6) Group (4)
1st O Crossen 1st S Bower 1st DL &CV Jones
2nd DL&CV Jones 2nd O Crossen 2nd O Crossen
3rd S Bower 3rd O Crossen 3rd L P Livestock
4th DL CV Jones 4th 4th


Champion Male O Crossen
Reserve Male Hopkins & Kisby
Champion Female O Crossen – Shearling
Reserve Female S Bower – Lamb
Breed Champion O Crossen – Shearling
Reserve Champion S Bower – Lamb


Report submitted by BARRY MILLS

Updated: May 26, 2019 — 9:02 am