Stirling Show and Sale Results


Stirling Show and Sale Results – September 22, 2018


Judge Mr John Stevenson

Aged Rams & Shearling Rams Ram Lambs Aged Ewes
1st Serene Etnach 1st East Middle Francis 1st Barmoll Clamity Jane
2nd Holmlea Eros 2nd Holmlea Fred 2nd Thistledome Dutchess
3rd Holmlea Erwin 3rd Paddock Flintstone 3rd Ardanbeag Bling
4th Holmlea Ed 4th Paddock Ferdinand 4th
5th 5th Serene Fergus 5th
6th 6th 6th


Shearling Ewes Ewe Lambs Group
1st Strome More Equinox 1st Craigies Ferne 1st
2nd Ardanbeag Elegance 2nd Craigies Fair Lady 2nd
3rd Hopefield Emily 3rd Ardanbeag Fizzy 3rd
4th Tardoes Emotional Mary 4th Tullyneddie Freda 4th
5th Strone More Edelweiss 5th Arlick Feather 5th
6th 6th Arlick Fiz 6th



Champion Male East Middle Francis
Reserve Male Serene Etnach
Champion Female Craigies Ferne
Reserve Female Craigies Fair Lady
Breed Champion Craigies Ferne
Reserve Champion East Middle Francis

Craigies Ferne

Report submitted by Matthew A Simpson

Updated: September 28, 2018 — 9:05 am